When the lights go down on the city streets…

About The Film


“Somewhere to Run is an unpredictable journey filled with intriguing characters, suspense, and heart.”

– S. Sawhny, Film Independent

In a dilapidated area of the warehouse district,
underground parties rage all night, sex and drugs are traded… people die.


A prostitute is gunned down in an alley.

A suicide-prevention worker finds himself in a run-down warehouse district, in a sleazy motel room with a gun, six bullets, and a cheap bottle of vodka. A sex-addicted teacher is seeking redemption, three rave kids are looking for a good time, and a bitter detective is searching for a serial killer.

The next three nights center around Leon’s diner, a refuge for the homeless, drug addicts, and prostitutes.  A respite for weekend warriors and late-night partiers, and a haven for travelers looking for a connection, settling on a cup of coffee, a slice of pie, or an omelet, before the sun rises.

A day that began with new hope, ends with a bullet.

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The Sights and Sounds

The Look of Somewhere To Run


















The Sounds of Somewhere To Run

Many films boast an incredible soundtrack from American Graffiti to Guardians of the Galaxy.

We are more than excited to be able to introduce our original soundtrack.


Creative Team

Gary J. Klavans: Writer, Actor

Gary J. Klavans
Gary J. Klavans is an award-winning actor and writer, honor’s include Best Actor in a drama category for the films “Moment of Anger” and “Nothing but the Best”.

As a writer his latest, and Beyond Reason Productions’ first film, “Reason” has garnered a number of laurels, from Best Ensemble Cast to Achievement of Excellence.

Gary has also written and optioned a variety of feature screenplays, including the romantic comedies “Nothing but Trouble” and “Summer Winds”, the horror thriller “Bellows Falls”, and the critically acclaimed stage play “Happy Christmas Merry Chanukah”.

Read on to learn more about Gary’s impressive body of award-winning turns as a writer, actor, and independent film producer.

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Harry Kakatsakis: Writer, Director

Harry Kakatsakis
Harry Kakatsakis grew up in New York City with both parents in the acting profession, including Academy Award-nominated actress, June Squibb.

He’s directed numerous short films and theater pieces, including “In My Country”, the second highest vote-getter in MoveOn.org’s 2003 “Bush in 30 Seconds” contest, and more recently the award-winning short “Admissions“, starring James Cromwell, and the science fiction award-winning short about living sustainably in the face of Climate Crisis, “What Future“. As a writer, his doomsday prepper romance, “American Fallout,” has placed in over two dozen contests to date.

Read on to find out more about Harry’s many writing and directing credits and awards.

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Actor/Writer, Gary J. Klavans, has written the award-winning screenplay, “Somewhere to Run”.
to be directed by award-winning director Harry Kakatsakis.

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